"I have had the pleasure to work with Roger Mayo on many occasions over the past 8 or so years, when he has helped me to build and maintain some of my high performance teams.

Roger's attributes are as follows;

  • Reliable, prompt
  • Very effective in what he does
  • Creates a relaxed environment to promote open discussions and allows employees to have fun
  • Performs sufficient due diligence ahead of the workshops to develop effective agendas for the sessions and to determine the correct tools and exercises to take us through
  • Has a wide variety of tools in his toolkit to use, to achieve any type of goal that is required
  • For as long as I have known him, Roger has always continued to learn and grow to develop his skills for his clients, through courses / new certifications etc.
  • He is a great facilitator to ensure that we as clients achieve our desired goals i.e. clear inputs, clear process and clear outputs / action summaries (IPO)

I would highly recommend Roger for any team development type of consulting."

Brian Guillett

Director, NA Import Export Shared Services

GSK Inc.


"The work that has been undertaken has provided the opportunity to stand back from our sales drive over the past nine months; evaluate its impact and improve our approach and identify our market more clearly."

Grant Mahoney

Managing Director, Prima Paper Services


"I hired Roger to work on a number of projects in my capacity as Director, GMS Learning & Development and Director, Global Curriculum. When you bring in Roger you get someone who possesses all the technical knowledge and skills to introduce or review the complete range of people processes in organisations, and someone with the personal authority and interpersonal skills to engage effectively with whoever you put him in front of.

Roger is equally at home with strategic assignments, facilitation of team events or work requiring a highly methodical, analytical approach. Spend some time sharing new models and tools with Roger and you will instantly appreciate his passion for his subject and understand the value he can contribute."

Andrew Wright

Formerly Director, Global Curriculum GSK


"I first had the pleasure to work with Roger Mayo in the mid 1990's when Roger ran an Operations Conference for me and then subsequent work with our newly appointed Shift Team Leaders. Roger assisted the Team Leaders in understanding their roles and how they interacted with their managers, their crews and others around them.

I was impressed by Roger's ability to interact well with people at different levels of our organisation and the way he clearly understood our particular issues. All objectives were achieved with professionalism and good humour.

I enjoyed working with Roger and can highly recommend him for any team development type of consulting."

Karl Smedstad

Operations Director, Aylesford Newsprint Ltd


"Roger was first introduced to Nordic Recycling at a time of major transition within the business. The Company had just been acquired by a FTSE 250 Company. The sudden introduction of strict new policies, operational and financial disciplines and a very contractual approach to customers rather than the previous "relationship" based approach resulted in many staff questioning their own future and that of the business.

Roger was brought on board to develop and deliver a series of presentations, work-based tasks and activities as well as social gatherings, titled "Managing Change". The key objective was to assist the staff through this very challenging period, while also assisting them in understanding that the roles of different individuals, when complimented, produce highly efficient teams.

The very personal and friendly style adopted by Roger meant that he was quickly able to understand the history, development and relationships within the business. This enabled him to structure a detailed training package that met very specific objectives while focussing on each individual involved in the training programme. This ensured that every one personally benefited from the process, as well as the Company.

From my own perspective, it was extremely satisfying to see colleagues reacting so positiviely to Roger's style of delivery. It was clear that the relationships and interaction between various departments and different tiers of management within the business improved with immediate effect. 

On a personal level, Roger and myself have maintained contact outside of the workplace. He has proved invaluable to me with regard to a number of difficult personal issues and decisions that I have had to make recently. His assistance at both a personal and professional level has always been exceptional. I would have no hesitation in employing his services again or recommending him to others."

Dave Newell

Development Director, Norfolk Environmental Waste Services


"I have had the opportunity of working with Roger in excess of 20 years; firstly with SCA Recycling Ltd and subsequently with Prima Paper Services Ltd. During my time with SCA Recycling, Roger was involved in a major restructuring exercise.

A new MD had been appointed and his objective was to create a leaner, meaner, more dynamic management team to embrace the changing environment within the paper recycling industry. This was a challenge that senior managers felt at the time could not be arrived at, as it required a change of culture, loss of expertise and a fragmented team. This was achieved in a number of different ways. The most significant of which was a team building exercise that was run periodically for just over two years, which delivered:

  • Clear objectives that were understood from the MD down to middle management
  • Clear and precise communication channels
  • Small project teams set up to focus on key areas of the business to change
  • Highlighted potential individuals for future development as part of progression planning

 The above was achieved with a style of training that made the candidates feel at ease. It was also designed to challenge each candidate to his or her full potential.

I have no doubt that the training that I received as Works Manager at that time enabled me to progress through SCA Recycling to a point where I was responsible for managing the whole of the UK network for transport and security. It thus gave me the platform to be headhunted for my current role with Prima Paper Services as General Manager in a family-run business."

Nigel Gull

General Manager, Prima Paper Services Ltd.