Organisation Development


A planned and systematic approach to enable sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people.

Systemic Change

Together we can deliver fit-for-purpose strategies and tactics to bring about durable, beneficial change. At the same time as helping to bring this about, you need to know that the change can be sustained and that all your people know what needs to be done in the future. We therefore always establish the necessary competencies and behaviours; steps which ensure we bring to the surface the right knowledge, skills and attitudes for the transformed environment required by your business.

Active engagement

Working with us, people are inspired to embrace the challenges and opportunities of their ongoing development. You will find that the majority of the work that is produced provides exciting on-the-job opportunities rather than classroom-based learning. 90% of our development coming from on-the-job activities.



Practise, practise 

As a result, individuals can immediately explore and demonstrate the application of new skills and knowledge in their team or individual environment. The application brings time and cost-saving benefits as it releases people's potential making them more effective in their work.


For the CIPD discussion of organisation development:


"When you bring in Roger to carry out an assignment .... you get someone who possesses all the technical knowledge and skills to introduce or review the complete range of people processes in organisations, and someone with the personal authority and interpersonal skills to engage effectively with whoever you put him in front of."

Andrew Wright, former Director, GMS Learning & Development, GSK

"A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study"

Chinese proverb