Learning Solutions and Design


This page explains our approach for creating learning solutions, learning design and competency frameworks. 

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Meeting Your Needs                         When you invest hard-earned resources in learning for staff, don't you want something designed specifically to meet your needs?

We take tremendous care in providing a 'fit for purpose' solution or service for our customers, based on our extensive strengths in the learning and development arena, which include distance learning and e-learning.

Our learning design is meticulous yet provides built-in flexibility for spontaneous responses to immediate requests, as well as exploration of areas that have great significance to the group.

Energy and Context                                                                                  When you buy our learning material we provide organisation messages, business drivers and resources appealing to all senses and styles as well as a diverse range of energisers - essential for momentum and engagement. 

Our use of multiple sources of information and resources provides a rich experience. Our learning design is built on sound but simple principles. It is embedded in the relevant organisation or appropriate competency frameworks.

Flexibility                                                                                          Facilitation of teams always highlights areas to explore at short notice. Flexibility and a personal touch are provided with built-in time to accommodate areas that need to be addressed to meet emergent requests. Facilitated discussion is always a preferred option over a PowerPoint input in our continual quest for excellent outcomes, providing a robust output with a commitment to change.

"With MT&D I have always had confidence that I could trust them to design and deliver the style and content of learning appropriate both to the needs of the company and to the individual."

Tony Staples, former Company Secretary and Treasurer, SCA Packaging

"That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life but in a new way." 

Doris Lessing, Iranian-born Nobel prizewinner for literature