We take great pride in our written work that supports our total offering.

Reinforce key messages                                                                                                 When you bring about a change or buy in an intervention, you want to know that the messages are supporiStock_000006957745Small.jpg Writing picture by Roger-Mayoted by clear and concise material.  You want people to be able to reflect on what's been agreed and apply it to their own situation.

It's no good having a great experience without application and the easy ability to refer back to key points and processes.

Our written work provides guidance and insights for people. It simplifies complexity and guides people logically through new processes and learning. We create facilitator guides and user guides written in a friendly, informal fashion. 

A chance to reflect and apply                                                                   Guides take the reader on a journey through the material. They highlight key points and useful illustrations along the way. Our guides provide many opportunities for self- discovery and emphasise learning points directly applicable to the reader's situation.

We tailor our language to the environment to ensure maximum absorption and the most effective contribution to change. We also produce extensive support notes for all the programmes that we deliver. The notes explore many complementary areas to the material covered in the learning event.

Links and context 

We provide stimulus questions and challenges for the individual learner to explore their own application of the areas covered. The material is extensively referenced to external websites and also approved books as well as other sources of complementary information.

"Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them."

John Ruskin - English essayist and reformer