Exploring new developments is exciting. Our well-established research programme assists us to stay in touch with the latest trends in the execution of roles.

Being innovative

You want to know, that when you work with suppliers, that they are up-to-date and regularly assessing new developments and advances in the learning and development field.

From inception, MT&D has conducted original research into many areas that affect people's performance. Through discussion and interview, we especially explore and research:

  • The senior HR executive's role, strategies and tactics 
  • Current best practice  
  • Variations and departures from previous approaches using our extensive databank
  • Different perspectives on the thoughts and ideas under discussion.
  • Ways forward to assist more appropriate resolution of issues

Specifically, we analyse the importance of role definition and its communication to the network in which individuals operate.

We also examine the early days of change in new roles to comprehend the strategies and tactics used in that crucial period of getting established. We also check the role and its evolution against current research and models.

Practical approaches that work

We then provide individuals with tips and ideas on integrating themselves more fully in the organisation. We consider issues such as critical competencies, behaviours, skills and knowledge. We discuss 'helps and hindrances', trust, risk, influence, and approaches to getting things done successfully.

As with our other interventions, the people we work with often tell us that they gain most insights and new understanding through the self-exploration and discovery that they become absorbed in, drawing parallels and refining perceptions of their own experiences and behaviours.


For a recent CIPD report on the changing nature of HR:

"Overall you get a feel for ... several things that I believe in quite strongly and which my experience gives me and see how well those match with what other people think. Overall it's been very useful - very helpful." 

Colin Trussell,  Alcatel-Lucent, Head of Human Resources, Services, QA&CC, SMO


"Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought."

Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Hungarian biochemist